Apport des CMS dans la gestion des capitaux abstraits

La gestion des capitaux abstraits (contenus informationnels, savoirs, etc.) devient de plus en plus une priorité des différentes organisations. Cette prise de conscience se manifeste par la recherche croissante de solutions électroniques comme les CMS (Content Management System).

Le site Valoris [fr] vient de publier une excellente vulgarisation [en] sur les avantages du Content Management et de l'utilisation des systèmes électroniques de gestion de contenu :

The advantages are :

• On one hand there is communication consistency. A CMS facilitates company wide communication, using identical graphical standards and organising information sharing, thus avoiding inconsistencies on content between departments. Workflow modules allow efficient information transfer and control.

• On the other hand, there is organisation and the human aspect. A CMS facilitates efficient organisation of the content process by allowing decentralised content creation. Global contributions to content become possible, with an improved "speed-to-market" of changes because the IT bottleneck is avoided, and content creators and editors can take ownership and responsibility for the information they provide.

• Another aspect of facilitated organisation of the content process by a CMS is the easy re-use of content across multiple Content management demystified ©Valoris-November 2002 websites or pages, or by way of DTV, mobile phones, Kiosks, … Syndication and re-use of content from other suppliers too is made easier.

• Lastly, a CMS brings enhanced productivity and job satisfaction of a company’s web team: instead of spending time shifting around content, webmasters will truly manage their sites, which will enable them to focus on other important aspects of their job such as technology, functionality, redesign, …

• Apart from the qualitative advantages stated above, there is also a real efficiency gain to be noted, mainly in the recurring work of updating, approving and publishing changes.

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